Frequently Asked Questions

We prepare our own payroll. Isn’t that better than having you do it?

Our clients find that they save money when they utilize our services. After taking into account the cost of experienced personnel, the cost of payroll preparation software and the actual cost of supplies, including buying expensive check stock, they find that they save money when we prepare their payroll.

We only have a few employees. Aren’t we too small to use you?

Not at all. Our specialty is small and medium size businesses. We have many clients with fewer than five employees. When you factor in all the costs, it makes perfect sense to let us handle your payroll needs.

We have employees that work in more than one state. Are you able to do payroll for multiple states?

Yes. We are able to prepare payroll checks for every state that has an income tax. This includes city and local taxes as well.

Our accountant prepares my payroll and all of our payroll tax returns. Why should we change to you?

We can probably prepare your payroll, and all of your related payroll tax deposits and payroll tax returns, less expensively than your accountant. This will free up your accountant to have more time to provide you with the valuable business advice you need from them.

We already have a payroll service preparing our payroll. What do you do differently?

We almost always save our clients money when compared to their current payroll preparation company. We believe that no one provides better service than we do.

What happens if you make a tax deposit mistake?

We will pay any penalty related to any mistake we make that cannot be abated.

How do my payroll tax deposits get paid when we use your services?

We will electronically debit your account for all payroll taxes when they are due. All of the payments that are eligible to be electronically transmitted will be paid in that manner. If a payment cannot be made electronically, a check will be provided to you to mail with the return before the due date of the payment and return. All payments will be transmitted directly from your bank to the appropriate tax agency. Your money never goes into our account waiting for us to transmit it to the tax agency. We never earn interest on your money.

What filing and payment requirements do we have if we don’t utilize the services of a payroll service?

You will have to withhold Federal income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from all of your employees. Depending upon the state and city where you are located you might also have to withhold income and unemployment taxes from your employees. You will have to remit these payments along with your matching contribution. There are various payment due dates depending upon the amount of tax due. In addition, you will have to file payroll tax returns quarterly and annually to meet the Federal requirements. Depending upon which state and city you are located in, you will have the same requirements. There could also be monthly filing requirements.

With all these possible payment and return due dates, don’t you think we are a better alternative to you trying to do it yourself?


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